by Marshall

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Recorded over the months of February, March, and April in various bedrooms, attics, and basements.


released May 1, 2013

Marshall is Alexander Fatato and Ben Travers


Thanks to Jamie Doran for playing drums on Too Much Reflex In My Bones, The Seat Across From Me and Tarkington Ghosts


Thanks to Daniel Smelansky for help with the artwork



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Marshall Boston, Massachusetts

Marshall is an experimental, indie rock band from Central Massachusetts.

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Track Name: The Seat Across From Me
all the words from my neighbors' lungs
hang around my head
which is all beaten up and infested
you look at my hands: up and down so i put them in my pockets
i'm so tired i cannot sleep

we don't grow softly

disappear into the train stop
i will turn and spill my coffee and late that night:
we'll talk and all the while my head will hurt

tomorrow we will turn off our alarms and forget we did
tomorrow we will leap outside too unprotected
Track Name: Too Much Reflex In My Bones
i left my head in the ground
my feet in the air
and my lips on your teeth
and the book
underneath me
and you spoke into my ear
and i wrote on your chest near your heart
and your veins ands your face
breaks me
my eyes on the roof
your hair in my mouth
i've too much reflex in my bones
too breathing in my lungs
and i've kept my keys from shaking when i'm alone
my primitive fists locked up and sewn
into the bottom of my pants
so keep my close
and breathe me and don't
let the clouds fog up your feet
Track Name: Tarkington Ghosts
inside of my head she paints pictures and rests
i start and we best be, we best be gone.
she talks next to me, little groans and gasps that she speaks.
i walked home and the wind hit me

i'm somewhere in the city. and i'm somewhere in her town
snow broken on my shoulder i get lost in her veins

my brother's in hollywood now he practices sad monologues
he practices sad monologues
we used to play we used to play in the garage
and i know that the winter's up here but
i feel so crowded when i'm not home
and i can't fall asleep yet so
cus i know it's not safe here in boston
and i can't die in this room yet

i'm somewhere in the city and i'm somewhere in her town.
snow broken on my shoulder i get lost in her veins

and i can almost hear it through the walls
the manner in which you shiver and fall
someone's smoking out my door
and i'm walking now pacing and when you call i'm gone
Track Name: Steady
Baby i'm a menace i'm a fool
but there's nothing i can do
draped across the bed talking to you

maybe i'm a menace maybe i'm a fool
there's nothing i can do
oh i'm ashamed as you construe my brain for some killer some demon some menace some fool